Software Made BY Credentialing Professionals FOR Credentialing Professionals

a cloud-based, secure and robust credentialing platform

Software Made BY Credentialing Professionals FOR Credentialing Professionals

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delivers a high level of credentialing efficiency – faster submissions for physician credentialing, payer enrollment and primary source verification tasks along with streamlined management of projects, improved notifications on license expirations, and much more

Why Switch to 1stCred?

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Take 1stCred with you, anywhere, anytime. Flexibility to maintain total control of your clients, providers or projects on the go using any device.

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Manage payer enrollment, primary source verification and credentialing applications. Simplify the complex task of managing data in an efficient manner.

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Optimize ROI using our powerful credentialing software solution, 1stCred.

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Minimize errors by never performing double data entry or data exchanges.

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Dashboards and To Do lists to highlight vital information on clients, providers, urgent tasks, projects and project status.

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Provide timely custom status reports that are easy to use and run for your management and your clients.

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Leverage our best-in-class solution to proactively and efficiently manage your credentialing forms.

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Access requires a unique login name and password for every user. User Security Roles and User Data Views can be developed for each user, to control access.


Easily Manage Payer Enrollment and Primary Source Verification.
Maintain Compliance.

With secure storage for your credentials, intelligent notifications, easy to use yet robust interface, the 1stCred platform is a complete solution for taking charge of your credentialing needs and simplifying your life as a credentialing professional.

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